Data-driven Sales

Your business does most likely have large amounts of customer data – transactions, visits, opportunities etc. But, would you say that it is put at work to enable sales to gain insights, help prioritize work and eventually create greater efficiency and sales? Data-driven sales is about visualizing data in a context where it becomes accessible for your employees working with customers, to enable them to make smarter decisions. Join this webinar to understand how you can empower your employees, both sales people and sales management, by combining data from several sources and visualizing them in a context that is understandable and actionable.

Watch this webinar to learn:
1. Fetch data from other sources, combine with CRM data and use Power BI to visualize the data in a unique context

2. Democratize and make data available to your employees and empower them to make data-
driven decisions

3. Transform sales management and sales coaching to become data-driven Welcome with your registration